Farmstead Sheep Cheese
Saint Rose - Sheep, Aged 3-6 months, 4 lb. wheel
This is a farmstead sheep cheese. Its semi-soft interior offers a nutty flavor profile with a lingering floral and citrus finish. At 2 months this cheese is delicate and still mild. As it ages out to 3+ months it becomes sharper and more complex. It is named for the city of Santa Rosa where cheese maker Joel and his wife Carleen, grew up, and were wed.  This cheese is certified humane by, the Animal Welfare Institute.

Mi-Ewe  - Sheep/Cow, Aged > 4-5 months, 4 lb. wheel
The semi-soft interior paste has a creamy texture and boasts a robust, meaty flavor profile. The double entendre name Mi-Ewe is pronounced “me-you.” Mi, French for “demi” suggests half; half sheep and half cow milk. This mixed milk cheese combines the Weirauch’s farmstead sheep milk with cow milk purchased from a small, Petaluma organic Jersey cow dairy.  This cheese celebrates the high quality milk produced in Sonoma County.

The following cheese is only available March-August.
Primo Fresco - Sheep, Aged < 1 wk., 4-8 oz crottins or discs
This is a farmstead, fresh sheep cheese. Its snow white interior is delicate and tangy, spreadable, with a light fluffy texture. Lightly salted it pairs well with sweet or savory. The higher butterfat and sweetness of our sheep milk elevates the common fromage blanc to luxurious indulgence. This cheese is certified humane by, the Animal Welfare Institute. 

Artisan Cow Cheese
Our cow cheeses are made with milk that we purchase from small family dairies here in Sonoma County. These relationships allow us to produce a high quality, regional product in our creamery year round and most importantly, during the 6 months of each year that we are not milking our sheep. 

Rumpel - Cow, Aged 3-5 months, 5 lb. wheel
This aged tomme sports a natural dry rind. Its dense semi soft interior paste is creamy, and offers a medium sharp flavor profile with hints of honey and grass. This cheese is USDA Certified Organic by CCOF.

Tomme Fraiche - Cow, Aged 2 weeks, pasteurized, 5 lb. wheel.
This is a mild, semi-soft cheese with an uncomplicated tang, designed to allow the quality of the milk to shine. Pairs with savory and sweet, a favorite of children, decadent melted into dishes like the classic French potato dish Aligot, and balances out a cheese platter that is heavy with the more robust and assertive cheeses. Despite its young age, the tang of this cheese cuts through and compliments full bodied wines and dark beers. This cheese is USDA Certified Organic by CCOF.

The following cheeses are not available at this time:
Carabiner - Cow, Aged 5+ months, 7 lb. wheel.
This is an alpine style, natural rind cheese. Dense interior with a sweet, nutty flavor profile.  This cheese is USDA Certified Organic by CCOF.

Peau de Pêche - Cow, Aged 3-5 months, 4 lb. wheel.
This is a washed rind cheese. Named "skin of peach" in French because its rind blushes like peach skin in colors of pink and orange. Its interior is semi-soft with a silky paste. As our most "stinky" cheese, it offers a complex and assertive finish. This cheese is USDA Certified Organic by CCOF.

Wendling - Cow, Aged 3-5 months, 4 lb. wheel.
This is a washed rind cheese based off of our Peau de Pêche recipe, but washed in Bison Brewery’s Organic Chocolate Stout beer. 

Doubloon- Cow, Aged 1 week, 4 oz. crottins or 8 oz. discs.
Named after the gold coins used as pirates currency. A rindless fromage blanc, with a distinct tang and smooth spreadability. Works well as a sweet or savory breakfast style cheese, melted with eggs, stuffed into raviolis, or enjoyed with lox. This cheese is USDA Certified Organic by CCOF.http://www.animalwelfareapproved.orghttp://www.animalwelfareapproved.orghttp://www.animalwelfareapproved.orgshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2
ORGANIC artisan COW cheese & FARMSTEAD SHEEP cheese

We strive to produce high quality handmade products that are not only beautiful and delicious but more importantly reflect our commitment to our ecological values and love for our animals.

Our creamery is a USDA Certified Organic (mixed use) cheesemaking-processing and handling facility. This means that the cheese that we make with Certified Organic milk and other CCOF approved ingredients can now be labeled with the word “Organic” ... not all of our cheeses are Certified Organic.

Our flock of (humane certified) Animal Welfare Approved sheep are raised year-round on Certified Organic pastures however, we would need to certify the actual sheep and milk that they produce before we can label our sheep cheese as organic. The land, the animals and the processing facility each need to be Certified Organic by the USDA individually.


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